The Police Department may be reached by calling (609) 448-5678. You can reach any party without operator intervention by dialing the extension of that party immediately after hearing the "welcome" prompt. If it is an emergency please dial "0" immediately.

Remember that in an emergency you should dial "911" for immediate assistance!

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Chief Harry E. Marshall 237   242
Ruth Young 235
Randi Gruntzel 237 TRAFFIC SAFETY
Sergeant Scott Bodnar 228
ANIMAL CONTROL Patrol Officer Michael Adelung 637
ACO James St. John 229 Patrol Officer Dale Kleinkauf 630
    Patrol Officer Matthew Oehling 623
COMMUNICATIONS Patrol Officer David Oleksy 625
Dispatch Position #1 390    
Dispatch Position #2 201 TRAINING OFFICER
Supervisor Tristan Torres 639 Detective Sergeant William A. Hanson 250
Radio Officer Anthony Felix  
Radio Officer William Ford   UNIFORM SERVICES
Radio Officer Dora Haines   Lieutenant James Geary 221
Radio Officer Susan Handelman   Lieutenant Christopher Jackson 230
Radio Officer Veronica Nash   Sergeant Ryan Ballard 244
Radio Officer Ashley Steinhauser   Sergeant Jason Hart 240
    Sergeant Eric Lion 234
Detective Joseph Gorski 231 Patrol Officer Joseph Amejka 634
Patrol Officer Kenneth Azambuja 615
COURT Patrol Officer David Berez 613
Please call (609) 448-3228 Patrol Officer Scott Brown 644
Patrol Officer Joseph Carabelli 642
EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT Patrol Officer Robert Davison 614
Office of Emergency Management 219 Patrol Officer Nicholas Enea 648
Emergency Operations Center #1 270 Patrol Officer Danny Fernandez 648
Emergency Operations Center #2 280 Patrol Officer Matthew Flynn 635
Patrol Officer Marcus Goode 616
IDENTIFICATION OFFICER Patrol Officer Michael Greco 628
Detective Brian Gorski 236 Patrol Officer Gregory Hager 639
Patrol Officer Brendan Hirtes 629
INVESTIGATIVE SERVICES Patrol Officer Joseph Iannone 612
Lieutenant Jeffrey Dorrian 233 Patrol Officer Karl Johnston III 633
Detective Sergeant Cory Paieda 251 Patrol Officer David Kurinsky 640
Detective Joseph Gorski 231 Patrol Officer Michelle McCandrew 610
Detective Ryan Mattek 239 Patrol Officer Troy McWhorter 617
Detective Troy McWhorter 232 Patrol Officer Philip Melhorn 638
Detective Thomas Meyer 249 Patrol Officer Ivis Molina 619
Detective James Vandegrift 245 Patrol Officer Paul Proctor 626
    Patrol Officer Timothy Purpuri 622
RECORDS & FILES Patrol Officer Paul Wille 632
Russ Hazzon (Systems Administrator) 224    
Linda DeShaw (Assistant Systems Administrator / Criminal Records) 225    
Ashley Steinhausser (Motor Vehicle Records) 226