Harry E. Marshall
, Chief of Police

The East Windsor Township Police Department is a 24-hour operation encompassing four (4) basic organizational entities as listed below. The East Windsor Township Police Department operates under the direction and administration of the Chief of Police, who assigns a Police Lieutenant to oversee each individual organizational subdivision within the police department.

Administration assigns, directs, controls and coordinates department personnel and material resources. It involves budgeting, planning, purchasing, personnel administration, payroll, public relations, union contract administration, grant applications, special reports and secretarial support.

The Police Department provides a number of services that extend into the East Windsor residential and business community; e.g., talks before local organizations, crossing guard service, driver education programs, bicycle registrations, bicycle patrol, neighborhood crime watch, community drug alliance, etc.

The Police Department has been assigned the additional responsibilities of Emergency Management and the provision of Animal Control Services to East Windsor. The combined budgets of the department and these additional assignments total approximately 30% of the total Township budget.

Lieutenant James Geary, Administrative Commander
Lieutenant Christopher Jackson, Operations Commander

Uniform Services, the largest entity within the police department, is responsible for preventative patrol activities, discovery of public hazards and delinquency causing situations, as well as for all initial calls for police, fire and medical assistance. Their duties involve the preliminary investigation of crimes, offenses, incidents and conditions including arrest or issuing summonses to perpetrators and offenders.

Traffic direction/control, accident investigation, crime prevention activities, community and public relations activities are some of the functions of the Uniform personnel. Uniformed Services also routinely performs after hours building checks, provides escort service to local banks and covers crossing guard posts when the guard is unavailable. Uniform Services members are also responsible for an array of services that are provided to victims of domestic violence including, but not limited to, the preparation of civil orders, transportation to court, shelters, etc.

The Traffic Safety Unit within Uniform Services is charged with performing follow-up investigations of serious injury, fatal or hit-and-run motor vehicle crashes and traffic surveys. They conduct traffic analyses, review site plans/subdivisions/variance requests, enforce ordinances regarding abandoned vehicles and train newly hired crossing guards. Traffic Officers are certified in accident investigation and reconstruction.

Lieutenant Jeffrey Dorrian, Commanding Officer

Investigative Services conducts all follow-up investigations of offenses committed by or against both adults and juveniles. Investigative Services is also responsible for the police department's Community Outreach Programs, Identification and Property Control as well as the department's Training function.

Investigative Services is charged with maintaining a school liaison program, which includes but is not limited to crime prevention education (McGruff, Patch the Pony, Halloween Safety) and specialized programs such as the 5th Grade DARE program. Some other activities include family counseling, weekly press releases, 9-1-1 safety program, Weed & Seed for DARE officers, the DARE rally and tours of police headquarters for all school classes.

Investigative Services also takes the lead in community assistance programs such as the Sunshine Airlift for terminally and chronically ill children, Thanksgiving and Christmas food baskets for the poor and the Hightstown-East Windsor gifts for the needy program at Christmas. These programs encourage a better working relationship between school administrators, parents and law enforcement agencies.

Detectives assigned to Investigative Services also initiate criminal investigations through the use of informants and other investigative tools. They review all police reported incidents and correlate information as it may pertain to open investigations. They work closely with neighboring police agencies as well as county, state and federal law enforcement agencies.

The Identification Bureau is a unit within Investigative Services. The need for this function is predicated by the fact that when a criminal act occurs and is reported, all facts pertinent to the identification of the actor may not be available. Additional investigation is required in order to understand fully the scope of the criminal act, identify the actor or actors responsible and develop information for a successful prosecution.

Our Departmental Missions demands that criminals be brought to justice to answer for their crimes and offenses. In accordance with the above stated needs Investigative Services, within the constraints of available time and manpower, is charged with these additional responsibilities:

Investigative Services - Training Bureau
Detective Sergeant William Hanson, Training Coordinator

The Training Bureau is the responsibility of the Commanding Officer of Investigative Services. It is currently comprised of one (1) Lieutenant, a designated Training Officer and eight (8) methods of instruction (MOI) state certified instructors. This bureau is charged with the responsibility of conducting all in-service and advanced officer training within the department, which includes the following:

East Windsor Police Officers receive training in areas of criminal investigation techniques, CPR certification, computers, domestic violence, evidence gathering and crime scene processing, firearms, general law enforcement, HAZMAT, juvenile justice, narcotics, blood borne pathogens, the Ryan White Act, annual PR-24 police baton re-certification, OC spray certification, radar instruction, and traffic accident investigation. Additional training is provided to officers who serve in specialized units such as bicycle patrol, the Traffic Safety Unit, the Firearms Unit and the in-service training instructional staff.

, Commanding Officer

Support Services encompasses the Communications Bureau, the Records Bureau, computer systems and the Animal Control Unit.

Support Services - Communications Bureau

The Communications Bureau covers all facets of public safety communications for Police, Fire and Emergency Medical Services. The center is a 911 Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) and operates under computer-aided dispatch (CAD) with access to the State/National Crime Information Centers (SCIC/NCIC), Motor Vehicle Commission, (MVC) and Automated Traffic/Complaint Systems (ATS/ACS).

Support Services - Records Bureau

The Records Bureau is responsible for compiling and cataloging all incoming police reports, certification certificates, as well as other criminal and non-criminal information within the jurisdiction of the East Windsor Township Police Department. This Bureau is also charged with the dissemination of records to courts, citizens, attorneys and other law enforcement agencies. The Records Bureau prepares monthly reports to federal, state and county agencies including the Uniform Crime Report. In addition, the Records Bureau is responsible for the operation of all computer systems involved in police records management and computer aided dispatch.

Support Services - Animal Control

The Animal Control Unit is staffed with one full-time Animal Control Officer (ACO) and two Deputy Animal Control Officers. All personnel are New Jersey State certified to perform all of their duties. Personnel receive training in areas of emergency euthanasia, tranquilizer equipment, along with rabies collection and preparation. The Animal Control Unit services both East Windsor Township and Hightstown Borough. Animal Control personnel are involved in a wide array of activities that include: